Session 4: Storage Applications and Strategies for Integration into the Grid

3:45 - 5:15 pm | Monday, September 12, 2016             

Monetizing the Energy Storage 2.0 Value Stack

The market for energy storage has progressed rapidly since the first DOE projects appeared in 2010. Two specific applications-demand charge management and fast response frequency regulation-have powered sector growth over the last few years. But these applications both have limitations. Demand charge management is limited to specific states and customer niches. Fast regulation is a shallow market that is nearing saturation in its most fertile market, PJM. What's next?

This presentation will discuss the use of energy storage, in combination with other distributed technologies, to provide multiple retail and wholesale economic benefits, often simultaneously. We will examine issues involved in the seamless integration of storage resources onto the T&D grid, as well as case studies demonstrating how to achieve significant project economic improvements over fast regulation alone.

energy storage expert
Jay Marhoefer
Intelligent Generation

Jay Marhoefer is the founder and inventor of Intelligent Generation. His expertise spans three careers: energy, information technology and law. As a Big 6 consultant, Jay planned and managed the implementation of 100 million dollar-plus systems for some of the best-known electric utilities in the U.S. In the 1990s, Jay built the re-engineering practice for Price Waterhouse, growing it from concept to more than a quarter-billion in annual revenues. Jay went on to build the IT consulting practice for Parson Consulting, which in 2000 became the #1 company on the Inc. 500 list.

Jay pursued his law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law and in 2003 graduated as valedictorian. Jay then joined the firm of Latham & Watkins LLP in Chicago, where he worked on multi-billion dollar deals for energy companies. Jay worked on Intellectual Property, contract disputes, and matters related to the Clean Air Act, climate change and renewable energy legislation. Jay was an early proponent of renewable energy and smart grid technology. He has written numerous articles on the next two generations of the smart grid and most recently authored the book Re-Energizing America: A Common-sense Approach to Achieving U.S. Energy Independence in Our Generation.

Business Cases and Lessons Learned in Addressing Storage Applications

Energy storage is suited to a variety of grid applications for customers in the generation, transmission & distribution, and end use segments. AES was an early pioneer in the deployment of advanced energy storage on the grid and through that experience discovered that a more flexible, scalable, and reliable technology was required to address each of these segments without reengineering the solution. In this presentation, Mr. Winter will highlight several applications where AES believes there are already business cases for storage deployment today, both in the United States and abroad. He will also discuss AES's 8+ years of experience in commercial deployment of energy storage and highlight how lessons learned along the way have influenced the development of the company's fourth-generation energy storage platform. AES received the 2016 International Edison Award for three installations of this platform in the United States, Northern Ireland, and the Netherlands, and for enabling other utilities to implement and own the technology.

energy storage expert
Richard L. Benedict
Director of Project Development
Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL)

Richard L. Benedict is Director of Project Development at Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL), where he helps manage the company's strategic resource planning effort. Richard led the effort to develop a new 671 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) at the existing Eagle Valley plant in Martinsville, Indiana. CCGT generating plants produce electricity more efficiently with fewer environmental emissions than other thermal energy options available in Indiana today. He also developed the IPL Advancion Energy Storage Array, which is the first grid-scale battery interconnected in the 15-state MISO grid.

Previously at IPL, Richard was involved in the refueling of Harding Street Units 5-7 from burning coal to utilizing natural-gas (620 MW). He negotiated two Wind Power Purchase Agreements for the 100 MW Hoosier Wind Park and the 200 MW Lakefield Wind Park. Richard also negotiated the purchase of the 80 MW Georgetown 4 peaker for IPL. In previous roles, he has been responsible for the development of projects elsewhere in the U.S., Canada and South America, including 1,230 MW of natural-gas fired peaking and co-generation plants, a 520 MW coal-fired CFB plant, as well as negotiating several Power Purchase Agreements.

The Storage Opportunity: A British perspective

Across the globe, the energy mix is changing. Not a day goes by without a headline story which involves energy efficiency, energy security or cleaner energy. Traditional fossil fuelled generation is being replaced with intermittent renewables whilst the demands on the grid are greater than ever. Surely, storage is the answer to all our problems - isn't it?

As one of the UK leaders in energy solutions, Anesco have been well placed to deploy storage embedded within renewable generation as well as standalone stations. This presentation will review how the UK has embraced storage so far and the challenges to investment. Supported by Anesco's experience in this emerging sector, Neil will also discuss the importance of finding the right mix of technology, application and control for each opportunity.

energy storage expert
Neil Hutchings
Director of Power Systems and Energy Storage

Neil is a career electrical engineer having spent 20 years at Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), one of the UK's leading power utilities. Whilst with SSE, Neil held a number of senior management roles including Managing Director of SSE Telecoms (owning and operating the UK's third largest telecommunications network) and SSE Utility Solutions (its independent electricity, gas, water and heat infrastructure business). Having joined Anesco in 2011 as Director of Operations, Neil is responsible for the company's development, implementation and operation of all power assets, including energy storage.